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Jordan and lachlan beauty and the geek dating

Can’t say I won’t be glad to see the back of bendy. “,,,and told him he was worse then all the other guys that had treated her like shit.even allowing for his obvious faux-ness, he’s just nowhere near as likeable or personable as the other geeks (yes I know they can edit and show whatever they like). Anyone else think Lachlan just didn’t think thru that his safety automatically fed gilrie girl to the wolves? The ones that only bought her pies at the footy …” lol Raver…The ones that only bought her pies at the footy – sorry I made the pie bit up. What she was actually saying was “this guy is a fucking geek, you would have thought he would be treating me like a Goddess,”.The scene looked a bit made up as Lachlan did not look upset at all about being kicked to the kerb by Jordan.I just wish the show would do away with the pretense of having numbered questions when it clearly does not matter. Gilly and I remain good friends but I don’t fall in love with people iv only known for 6 weeks. Bendy is currently still battling with people bullying him an this kind of discussion saying “he is not real” is bullying.Also, for what it’s worth, Mackenzie should have been eliminated for spelling technology t-e-c-HAITCH-n-o-l-o-g-y. Huge fan of the show but last night’s ep left me a bit cold. I’d happily have gotten (well, ok reluctantly if I’m honest) said beauty’s name on my person but my name and her name….. surely they gave her a steaming, foot-long hotdog instead of a cold, flaccid pie…surely Blokes these days just don’t understand chivalry they way my generation did. If you’re after a date at Ikea – the new Tempe store – then I’m ya man babe.A .25 plate of Swedish meatballs with (real) mashed potato is just the start.

Lachlan after querying where it had to go stepped forward to have it done. Sarah was overcome with emotion when she saw it and Jimmy said ” Does this mean your kids need to be called Sarah and Lachlan?All the girls got the words wrong except for Mackenzie and Sarah in the first round, and Mackenzie won when she spelt gigabyte right.The next challenge was for the girls to build bicycle with a side car.What type of guy does Jordan normally go out with they must be pretty bad as she was stoked by the dinner date Lachlan had arranged.“No one has ever gone to that amount of effort” exclaimed Jordan to Lachlan as they sat down to a meal of cheeseburger and fries, with cola in a champagne glass.That Maccas haute cuisine spread was missing one thing – The special sauce……. Lachlan’s Also I can now safely punt on who Lockies’ political hero is. Lockie is clearly of the ‘whatever it takes’ school of political thought and game show tactics. And I still missed the part where the rules for the tattoo changed from “having the name of your beauty” to “having your name AND the name of your beauty”. I’m looking forward to seeing the eliminated geeks return next week, although I wish it was the beauties who were giving them make-overs instead of the (former) geeks.Wonder how many packets of Sudafed were negotiated to get the bikies on the show? If the ‘bikies’ were the real deal, being a sidecar passenger on a pushbike will take a long time to live down. Or adopt a variant of the Gwendolen policy – The Importance of Being Sarah.(See blog post here) The first challenge for the night was the girls having to spell difficult words.When they got it wrong the boys would be electrically shocked.” Jimmy is actually does stand up comedy as a hobby so that explains why his so funny.Anyway Jordan was devastated that he got another girls name tattooed him, and told him he was worse then all the other guys that had treated her like shit.


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