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Is xp still updating

This is not the first time Microsoft has had to go back and update Windows XP.Just last month it rolled out a patch for XP that protected users from the Wanna Cry ransomware.As I thought they might, Microsoft elected to not only fix the bug in IE, but make that fix available via a Windows update for Windows XP users as well.

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A somewhat cynical rule of thumb is that the harder a bug is to identify, the easier it is to fix, and found in IE shortly after the support date passed.Here it is many days after the demise of Windows XP support, and I’m still automatically getting updates.I’ve allowed them to be installed and nothing untoward has occurred. Several folks have been surprised to see updates still being delivered to their Windows XP machines.Microsoft committed to keeping that level of update happening well into next year.What’s unclear is if the MSRT, the malware [malicious software].The company still offers custom XP support for organizations that need to keep running the OS and are willing to pay for it.These custom patches won’t add new features or technologies to XP, but they keep the platform from being a hacker’s playground.I can think of at least three separate reasons why that might be happening and in fact, will keep on happening.A bug is nothing more than an error or mistake in either software programming or hardware design.Whether they’ll do that again is pretty much anybody’s guess.Now, if you’re using Microsoft Security Essentials, realize that it gets its database updates via Windows Update.


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