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Impractical jokers speed dating youtube

Jake quickly gets bored and wants to leave, but Finn is having the best time and doesn't want to leave... Finn, Jake and Marceline are trapped in an underground cavern with no red in sight.

If Marceline doesn't feed, like ASAP, she will turn into a vampiric beast and suck out all of Jake's blood!

So, Finn heads off to explore the cave and find something red to satiate her until they can be rescued. Finn finds an old truck, and Jake calls Banana Man to help with the repairs.

But when BMO stays up all night working on the truck, he hears on a spooky radio talk show that Princess Bubblegum is a reptilian replicate.

After saving Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King yet again she offers them a party, but during the party Finn grows jealous of a suspicious heart-shaped man that is wooing with Princesss Bubblegum and sets out to prove that he's evil.

Finn turns Princess Bubblegum green and bald, and faces a moral quandary—whether to confess his mistake and be hated by his friend forever, or let Princess Bubblegum wrongly accuse the Duke of Nuts instead.

According to i Tunes' synopsis, season 5.2 "heats up, cools down, then heats back up again as Flame Princess battles Ice King in a mathematical battle of the elements!

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As of June 30, 2013, storyboarder Jesse Moynihan revealed that the one-hour "movie" was intended to divide season 5 in half, which has now been extended by another 26 episodes.If Finn wants to rescue his friend, he's going to need Lady Rainicorn's help...and a videotape that will reveal how to open the portal to Kee-Oth's messed-up dimension.Is it just another one of Starchy's crazy conspiracy theories, or a fact?Sick and tired of babysitting Ice King while the Ice Kingdom is being rebuilt, Finn and Jake call up an old friend to hang out with their annoying houseguest: Abracadaniel.But when there's an emergency at the treehouse, and Princess Bubblegum leaves Cinnamon Bun to watch Flame Princess, her experiment might literally backfire in her face.Slime Princess needs a husband or else she'll lose the Slime Kingdom to her obnoxious sister.Finn accepted the bean quest but he planned to plant the beans so that after the pods grow he could destroy evil.Princess Bubblegum recovers from being dropped in the Well of Power by the Ice King; however, she is altered and her condition leads to an unlikely final showdown with one of the greatest evils in order to save all life in Ooo.But when Ice King and his new BFF accidentally unleash the demon Kee-Oth, Finn and Jake have to clean up their mess.Kee-Oth the Blood Demon has kidnapped Jake, taken him back to his dimension and thrown him in a pit.


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