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“...he’d always say things like, ' I was too nervous to kiss you, but next time I will.' He never kissed me or anything; the furthest he went was holding my hand.We hung out until I was 15, still never doing anything other than holding hands,” she said in the interview.“I remember him texting me, ' I have a question for you. You should send me pics .’ I specifically remember not knowing what he meant, so I sent him a picture of me smiling.And then he said, ‘No, not that kind of pic,’ and then I didn’t respond.I said, ' Oh my god, I’m a big fan.’ He’s like, ' Cool, are you doing anything today? ' I remember ditching my friends, holding his hand and walking around Warped Tour.I was 14,” Bray says Bray says the two exchanged numbers and began communicating via text.That is not the person I am, how I was raised, or the type of behavior that I condone.

I do not want the allegation surrounding me to negatively affect the reputation or future of the band, or to break the bond and trust that we have created with our fans over the years.

I also want to assure you that I have never intentionally manipulated or abused anyone in my life.

I strongly believe in the empowerment of abuse victims, so if I have ever made anyone feel like they are less than equal, I am sincerely sorry.

Pierce The Veil have announced that drummer Mike Fuentes will be taking a break from the band after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced online.

The band have also announced they will be dropping off their upcoming U. tour with All Time Low.“I’m of course aware of the allegation made about me from almost 10 years ago, and I cannot begin to describe how difficult and disturbing this entire situation has been for everyone involved,” Mike Fuentes shared in a message on Facebook.“I also want to assure you that I have never intentionally manipulated or abused anyone in my life.


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