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And responding to that.”With her new face and brain, AVA’s getting a promotion from call center staffer to brand ambassador.

The Autodesk deal is Soul Machines’ first major gig, following a pilot project with the Australia National Disability Insurance Agency from February to September, 2016, and some proof-of-concept demos, like a recent one with Air New Zealand.

Analyzing facial expressions to discern a smile, even a subtle one, and analyzing voice to pick up a pleasant tone, Soul Machines’ software provides a hit of virtual dopamine to AVA’s nervous system.

As in a human, this triggers a relaxed demeanor in AVA.

However, all the subtleties of the behavior come from the Baby X model,” says Sagar.

“If it were an actor, Baby X is just improvising, whereas [a digital human] is being told: I want you to walk here, I want you to say this, and I want you to deliver it with this tone.” Crucially, AVA and other digital humans are incapable of feeling anger.


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