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This week’s Letter from America is not the one originally planned by Gay Hart-Brewer, as usual Irene Parker sends draft copies in advance to the company involved in the article.

In this case the company contacted the person concerned with the dispute and we may just have a result. Inside Timeshare has had a number of enquires about Resort Management Direct, this has nothing to do with the running of your resorts, they are in essence what is known as a flybuy company.

Current investigations and widespread reporting indicate a high percentage of mortgage fraud involves collusion by industry insiders, such as bank officers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, loan originators, and other professionals engaged in the industry.

Fraud for profit aims not to secure housing, but rather to misuse the mortgage lending process to steal cash and equity from lenders or homeowners.

If you are unsure on how to do this contact Inside Timeshare and we will help, remember doing your homework before taking on the offers or paying any money will save you in the long run.If you need help in looking for the information you need, contact Inside Timeshare and we will help you find it. The law firm was founded in 2000 and shows all the lawyers and partners on the Team section, having checked on the Centro General de Letrados, which is the official register of all lawyers in Spain, all the names are members of the Barcelona Bar Association, so this is a genuine law firm.They have also been informed of the use of their email address. Firstly the letter is signed by Jasmine Phillips, Lawyer at Martin Zabala Abogados, but no trace of her can be found in the official lawyers register.Unfortunately, before the court will release this money a will have to be paid, again probably by bank transfer to another company dealing with the “TAX” or the same fake court address.That will be the last you hear from them and yes your money has gone!Thank you Gay, we all hope that the outcome for you is a good one.Inside Timeshare once again thanks all contributors and readers who contact us with information, it really does help others to avoid many problems.As usual, we repeat our warning, before engaging with any company that has contacted you or that you may have found on the internet, check them out and do your homework.This due diligence will save you more than just money.The same court on the following day declared another contract null and void with the client being awarded 15,738€ for the purchase price plus a further 15,951€ as double the deposit paid within the cooling off period.Two very happy ex-timeshare owners and a costly two days for Anfi.


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