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Fb error validating application

This form derives its importance from the fact that this form is the starting point of all development involving forms.

The document highlights the importance of in forms development and also provides a detailed explanation of the various components of the Template form.

The Template form is unique because it contains some special libraries and triggers that render the application using the template form some standard characteristics.

The components of the template form are: Many referenced objects (from the object groups) that support the Calendar, the toolbar, alternative regions, and the menu.

Depending on the version of the card, a DESFire card might support commands in native, native-wrapped or iso7816-4 command set styles.The card terminal (PCD) always use DECRYPT_MODE (both when recieving and sending encrypted data), and the card always uses ENCRYPT_MODE.However, the DESFire crypto is a bit different from the normal DES/CBC scheme: The PCD uses DES “send mode” when sending data (xor before DES), and the card uses DES “recieve mode” when recieving data (xor after DES).In a real world transaction, you would typicall select a specific AID (!= 00 00 00), authenticate, and then read/write to files within that application.Mi Fare DESFire are iso14443A compliant contactless smartcards, and support all layers including iso14443-4.These cards are so-called “stored value” cards, so you cannot install and execute your own program code on DESFire cards. Typical usage is within public transportation and access control. Even though there are some theoretical security flaws, no public working hack has been published like there has been for Mifare classic (standard) cards.If you like to know Questions of any specific area or modules, plz communicate so i will post those as well.$AU_TOP, 11i, APPCORE, APPDAYPK, Application Developer, Application Object Library, APPSTAND, APP_CUSTOM, custom.pll, customization, development, FNDSQF, form, globe, ja, je, jl, oracle applications, STANDARD_PC_AND_VA, STANDARD_TOOLBAR, TEMPLATE form, template.fmb, vert This document provides an overview of the template form.If you need more functions, you must use native or native-wrapped mode.This entry was posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at and tagged with desfire, desfire authentication, desfire commands, desfire communication example, desfire ev1, desfire example, desfire iso7816, desfire native, desfire native wrapped, desfire protocol, desfire v0.4, desfire v0.5, desfire v0.6, iso7816, iso7816-4, mifare, mifare desfire and posted in Security, Smartcard.


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  5. MiFare DESFire are iso14443A compliant contactless smartcards, and support all layers including iso14443-4. These cards are so-called "stored value" cards.

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