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Error updating group repository metadata input contained no data validating media format

There is also a mailing-list [email protected] libxml, with an on-line archive (old).To subscribe to this list, please visit the associated Web page and follow the instructions.I usually send source samples when answering libxml2 usage questions.The auto-generated documentation is not as polished as I would like (i need to learn more about Doc Book), but it's a good starting point.As of release 2.4.16, libxml2 passed all 1800 tests from the OASIS XML Tests Suite.To some extent libxml2 provides support for the following additional specifications but doesn't claim to implement them completely: Hosting sponsored by Open Source CMS services from AOE media. This document describes libxml, the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome project.

I look at reports there regularly and it's good to have a reminder when a bug is still open.

Repost it and fix the problem triggering the error.

Also please note that are NOT acceptable for the mailing-list, such mail will as much as possible be discarded automatically, and are less likely to be answered if they made it to the list, DO NOT post to the list from an email address where such legal requirements are automatically added, get private paying support if you can't share information.

text language where semantic and structure are added to the content using extra "markup" information enclosed between angle brackets. Though the library is written in C a variety of language bindings make it available in other environments.

Libxml2 is known to be very portable, the library should build and work without serious troubles on a variety of systems (Linux, Unix, Windows, Cyg Win, Mac OS, Mac OS X, RISC Os, OS/2, VMS, QNX, MVS, Vx Works, ...) Libxml2 implements a number of existing standards related to markup languages: In most cases libxml2 tries to implement the specifications in a relatively strictly compliant way.


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