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Enema chat 2013

In addition to this, you can find Christine visiting her local organic farmers, de-stressing in her garden, taking long walks on a summer evening or sweating it out in the sauna.

I’ve been involved in the alternative health & healing world since the mid 90s, so I have certainly been aware of coffee enemas (and enemas in general) for some time.Not only are they beneficial for clearing constipation and helping with detox, but coffee enemas especially help with liver and gallbladder support- and whose liver couldn’t use more support these days, right?People have reported everything from headaches clearing, fatigue lifting, skin issues clearing up, better digestion, clearer thinking, an easier time losing weight, reduced pain (especially like pain related to fibromyalgia symptoms), and more. physicians aren’t well versed in enemas, this would at least give you more information to choose what is best for you.So, that’s how I began doing them, and indeed, it has helped me numerous times with many different clients and their questions.It’s been extremelyhelpful to know about enemas when dealing with babies and constipation, because it’s helped me to empower parents to easily assist their child with that uncomfortable issue and help the baby pass stools easily within minutes, with no pain and no need for As far as I’ve seen, the benefits of enemas, and coffee enemas are far-reaching.) coffee enemas for a while and the rest of us were fascinated. Christine: I started doing coffee enemas under the advice and guidance of my nutrition coach Pam Killeen.We'd heard that they were done to detoxify and that there are other coffee enema benefits too: they can also really help some cancer patients, but personally, I didn't know anyone who did them. I have been working with Pam for almost two years on a Nutritional Balancing Program.Pam just told me that the results of my nutritional balancing program wouldn't be as good if I didn't do the enemas. Coffee enemas are an essential part of some alternative cancer therapies such as the Gerson and Kelley protocols.I have been unwell and feeling horrible for so long, that I was willing to do just about anything to get better faster. If someone with cancer can do coffee enemas twice a day, so can I!Jini says: If the blood has turned to clots, you are absolutely seeing progress!If more blood is coming out after you do the enema, then it may be because you cannot retain the enema for long enough for the liquid to be absorbed.


  1. Feb 5, 2013. During the eighteenth century, tobacco smoke enemas were used by humane societies across Europe, including the Royal Humane Society in London, to resuscitate victims.5 Culpeper included the tobacco enema under treatment advice for the inflammation of the intestines induced by colic or hernia and.

  2. Nov 26, 2013. Ep #183 – Kate's Enema Lab Results Are In, Alternatives For Toxic Hair Products, The Differences Between The BioMat & The Sauna, Listener. You can do that on ExtremeHealthRadio.com/Live and you can listen on that page, as it's happening, and join the chat room that way, or you could also email.

  3. Posted 8/3/2013 PM GMT -7. Ok. So I've never tried a enema up until this year. These past couple of months to be exact. My first 2 were the fleet saline kind. They went horrible. My first nothing came out except the enema and then the next day I had cramping and emergency toilet run. I tried it again about a month or.

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