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Well, Drizzy and Tay-Tay are the king and queen of the breakup, which is part of the reason that so many people were eager to see their relationship "happen." Draylor wasn't meant to be, but it looks like we're getting the next best thing: According, to In Touch, Taylor is assisting Drake with his new album - an album that will reportedly contain a few shots at his most recent ex.

“There will definitely be some digs at [Rihanna].” a source tells the tabloid.

Now, Taylor is apparently out to prove that she and Drizzy are the superior hit-making duo: “She is hoping the song is a major hit — better than [her ex] Calvin Harris’ song [‘This Is What You Came For’] with Rihanna,” says the source.

"Too Good" is a song by Canadian rapper Drake, recorded for his fourth studio album Views (2016).

"Too Good" was the third dancehall single to be released from Views, along with "One Dance" and "Controlla".

"Too Good" came into fruition after both Drake and Rihanna recorded her 2016 single "Work", Drake recalled stating "I was like, I think I have one that would follow this one up really nicely. It was like a flawless victory when she sent it back ...

It features guest vocals from Barbadian singer Rihanna.

It samples the dancehall song "Love Yuh Bad" performed by Popcaan.

While TMZ claims that the pair aren't connected, and that Drizzy made the introduction specifically because Swift doesn't normally attend the rapper's parties, Page Six has a different account of the pair's "intimate flirting."Since the sources in both pieces are anonymous spies, educated readers may not want to put their faith in either — and an "insider" report that emerged this week, that Drake and Taylor were collaborating on music together, seemed similarly suspect.

Drake’s still devastated by his breakup from Rihanna and is hoping that this will get under her skin.” The collaboration makes sense, not only because Taylor traffics in breakup songs the same way Donald Trump traffics in ill-advised 3 am tweets, but because Taylor has her own reasons for seeking to one-up Rihanna.

If you know Calvin Harris as anything other than one of Taylor's many famous exes, then you probably know his two biggest hits were both collaborations with Ri Ri.

We have a genuine energy between us." "Too Good" was written by Drake, Paul Jefferies, Robyn Fenty, Maneesh Bidaye, Diego Sanchez, Dwayne Chin-Quee, Andrew Hershey, Andre Sutherland and A. In addition to Drake's lead vocals, the track features a guest appearance from Rihanna and contains vocal and lyrical samples of "Love Yuh Bad" performed by Popcaan.

Matthew Ramirez of Pitchfork Media named the song "The Best New Track" of the day and "Too Good" a highlight from Views.


  1. Aug 29, 2016. Rihanna and Drake's mysterious relationship has made headlines for years, all leading up to the rapper's love declaration at the 2016 MTV Video Music. A year later, Drake referenced the date night on his track "Fireworks," rapping, "I can tell it wasn't love / I just thought you'd f–k with me / Who could've.

  2. Nov 4, 2016. A. In early October, Drake and Rihanna reportedly split after a couple months of rumored dating and years of supposed on-again-off-again. E. On Thursday, November 3, Swift's record company, Universal Music, tweeted that they have a "surprise" in store for fans to celebrate the anniversary of her first.

  3. Oct 28, 2016. Following relationships with Serena Williams and Rihanna, Drake is now rumored to be dating Taylor Swift and you have to admit they're a perfect match.

  4. Nov 30, 2016. Drake was the world's most-streamed artist for the second straight year with 4.7 billion streams, which was up from 1.8 billion streams last year. Rihanna — who dated Drake this year — was the most-streamed female artist with more than 2.5 billion streams in 2016. Drake also had the most-streamed song.

  5. By Tyler Johnson at November 18, 2016 am. Comments. Sadly, it seems the rumors about Taylor Swift dating Drake are bogus. From the very start, a lot. “She is hoping the song is a major hit — better than her ex Calvin Harris' song 'This Is What You Came For' with Rihanna,” says the source. Shouldve said no.

  6. Aug 5, 2016. If there's anything you know about Drake, it's that he's a true gentleman and a ladies' man. Click here to learn who Drake is dating now!

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