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And humor can be a great asset to keep a relationship exciting too.Together time can be fun and happy, and even when other couples say they have nothing interesting to talk to each other after a few months into the relationship, you and your partner may still have a fun time in each other’s company after being together for years.

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The is to actually look at your target, and notice what you see. But if you make a habit of looking, and then you put together what you see with what you know or discover about people, you’ll become an expert in cold reading over time. If they agree, you say, “Yes, and …” and offer a second observation.

The 12 good and bad types of humor in love There are many types of humor, but when it comes to relationships, they can be summarized into 12 big types.

If you want to have a happy relationship where both of you have a happy laugh all the time, then focus on the 7 good types of humor.

They involve praising the woman, then pointing out how the opposite of that compliment is hidden inside her.

For example, “You look confident, but I can tell you sometimes have a lot of self doubt.” “You’re very outgoing, but I’ll bet you get really shy sometimes,” or something like that.


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