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A non-refundable fee is assessed by Nelnet at the time of your application and is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account or charged to your credit card (MC, VISA or Discover).Down payments are also immediately deducted at the time of enrollment.NOTE: Students eligible for a refund will be refunded either to their Higher One account or to the bank account they chose when activating their DMACC One Card.*Refunds for TV classes are based on the class dates - NOT the viewing dates.Student Accounts Phone: 515-964-6446FAX - 515-965-7035​​If any amount of tuition is paid with funds from a Title IV Program and the student withdraws during the established refund period, the Title IV program funds will be adjusted and any unearned aid will be returned in the following order: Loans: Federal Unsubsidized, Federal Subsidized and Federal Plus.Their distinction may be noted in the printed commencement program and recorded on their final transcript. For information on the college graduation requirements policy, please see the Policies & Procedures section of the Student Handbook.To check your progress toward degree completion, please see your Degree Works Audit under the Web Information System.Indebtedness Policy Students who have a balance due to the College should contact Student Accounts to resolve their debt.Unpaid debts may be referred to a collection agency and/or a credit bureau.

Contact Student Accounts to discuss repayment options for past debts that have not yet been referred to a collection agency: DMACC participates in the Iowa Statewide Offset program which means that debts due to DMACC may be collected from students' State of Iowa tax refunds.

The State Offset program can also include payments from lottery and casino winnings, childcare earnings, and other state funded services or employment.

Be sure you know what session (term) your course is in.

Refund Deadlines and the Last Day to Drop Courses are NOT the same Refunds are calculated only by the scheduled refund deadlines on this page. Students should consider consulting with an advisor or counselor Students should consider insurance issues affected by dropping classes Students should consider a possible reduction of financial aid. Student refunds are computed by using: The date the Student Registration Office receives a formal drop form from the student or The date the Student Registration Office receives a phone call, mail or fax from the student requesting a class drop (Remember, if you drop a class by phone, you will not have a record of the day you dropped) or The date the student initiates a drop via the Internet.

Courses dropped after the 100% refund period, for each specific part of term, will be recorded as a “W” (withdrawal grade) on the official transcript.


  1. Directions for setting up a payment plan. To make changes to a payment plan or to update the account information used for automatic withdrawals please contact Nelnet Business Solutions at 1-800-609-8056. Important You must apply for an online payment plan by the due date indicated on your DMACC billing statement.

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