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Death Note is a manga series written by Ohba Tsugumi and illustrated by Obata Takeshi.

It was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine from December 2003 until May 2006.

Death Note had 22,092 stories on the site, only exceeded by Bleach at 39,958, Cardcaptor Sakura at 23,599, Digimon at 33,357, Dragon Ball Z at 32,043, Fullmetal Alchemist at 31,183, Gundam Wing at 40,364, Inuyasha at 93,081, Naruto at 233,979, Sailor Moon at 31,915, Yu Yu Hakusho at 22,828 and Yu-Gi-Oh at 51,464.

It concerns a Mary Sue main character who pushes aside the main characters and eventually spawns more Mary Sues.

Other parts of the fandom, however, prefer the second half of the series for the addition of popular antagonist characters Mello and Near.

By April 26, 2010 Death Note was the twelfth most popular fandom in the anime/manga section of as measured by the number of stories.

When combined with the popularity of L/Light, this can lead to the series' most popular threesome, an L/Light/Misa OT3.

The canon Light/Takada pairing is almost entirely ignored by fans.

Established-relationship canon ships include: On Live Journal many communities have sprung up to focus on specific popular ships such as L/Light, Mello/Matt and L/Misa.

More Death Note shipping and shipping-related communities with a more general focus include: The earliest Death Note story to appear on was "A Cup of Tea" by Cheryl-chan on May 31, 2004, focusing on the L/Light ship.


  1. Apr 14, 2013. SPOILER After the death of Light Yagami, Kira seemed to be at an end. All hope seemed to be lost for the perfect world Light had wanted to create. That is, until someone else is bestowed with the power, but the most unlikely of people, none other than our beloved Touta Matsuda. Rated Fiction T - English.

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