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David started his early career as a theater artist.

He worked as an usher at the In 2014, his wife gave a birth to a daughter, Barbara Mitchell.

David James Stuart Mitchell was born on 14 July 1974 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

His parents were Ian Douglas Mitchell and Kathy Grey Mitchell who were a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University on hotel management.

” (Mark) “I love the homeless, one of my own would be amazing. I like you, and if you can’t handle it, you can just, you know, f*** off.” (Mark) “Looking at porn is like lying to Parliament.

It used to be wrong but now it’s all a big laugh.” (Mark) “What’s so great about sex anyway? Her soft skin is just a big bag full of kidneys and mucus and half-digested bits of pie. Oh yeah, I’d f*** those kidneys real good.” (Jez) “Jeremy, there are many things I would do to help you.

I don't know what my life would've looked like without Pretty Little Liars…

At least throwing the money out of the window you’d see the scrabbling mass, the hate-filled faces.

I have spent a cool grand on acquiring the resumption of an equitable temperature.” (Mark) “So what if I don’t really love her.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb have made their return to the screen with Channel 4 comedy Back.

Here we look back on the funniest Peep Show quotes from Mark, Jez – and Super Hans.


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