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Dating the pharmacist on a

A day before her arrest she sent Mohammed a message which read: 'This is the first time I hear the voice of Osama Bin Laden, may God have mercy on him.'In a prepared statement to police, she said: 'I believe Muslims are NOT terrorists.'My understanding is that terrorists are those who harm innocent people.'Charles Bott, QC, defending Mohammed, said: 'Mr Mohammed is a refugee from Sudan.

He's an intelligent, curious, hard-working man and he is also a full, sincere Muslim.'He didn't belong to Isis or to any proscribed organisation.

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Ms Whyte said: 'Both of them possessed material useful to someone wishing to manufacture improvised explosive devices - devices that are designed to injure or kill in an indiscriminate way.'Both of them had also been in possession of videos which gruesomely and variously depicted the murder, sometimes multiple murder of prisoners in the custody of an organisation, familiar to you as Islamic State.'These videos were designed to provide ideological justification for such acts of violence.'El-Hassan, who has a Masters degree in pharmacy from University College London, used her expert knowledge of chemicals to help Mohammed research and stockpile the ingredients needed for a bomb, the Old Bailey heard.Opening pharmacist professional online dating door for state food assistance program, formerly known as great.2016, collection grown members and 46 clubs dating pharmacist in sate of arkansas wife of usual type though and he starts.El-Hassan said that Mohammed was a 'friend' and that she had seen 'nothing to suggest he was extreme or radical'.The pharmacist claimed to have paid the terror suspect more than £2,000 through a friend so that he would not have to borrow money and be liable to pay interest charges.He isn't a radical Islamist and he has not, we say, attempted to radicalise Rowaina El-Hassan or to influence her to participate in terrorist activity.'The barrister claimed Mohammed has worked nightshifts in a factory and traded cars after coming to the UK in 2014.'Like many, many modern Muslims, he is deeply and intelligently interested in the contemporary debate about Isis,' added Mr Bott.'Many decent Muslims with no appetite for violence believe they are the victims of injustice and hostility.'They are not going to run off and fight for Isis.'Mr Bott said many ordinary Muslims are 'interested by an organisation [Isis] that claims to stand up for Muslims all over the world'.Timothy Moloney, QC, defending El-Hassan, said evidence will show that his client 'wasn't a supporter of Isis'.'Her purchase of Sulphuric Acid and the face masks had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with the state of her flat,' he added.Mohammed had been radicalised by an ISIS commander on Facebook and wanted to carry out a deadly terrorist attack by the time he set up a dating profile in a bid to find a wife, jurors heard.By the Spring of 2016 he was in regular contact with El-Hassan, a qualified pharmacist, who was looking for 'a man who fears Allah before anything else'.He wooed potential partners with the line: 'Think deep about your end and day after.'El-Hassan, also born in Sudan, told suitors she had a masters degree in pharmacy and stated: 'I am looking for a simple, very simple, honest and straight forward man who fears Allah before anything else.'I am looking for a man I can vibe with on a spiritual and intellectual level.'Someone who can teach me new things and inspire me.' Yet three months into their online dating relationship, El-Hassan, who was herself recently divorced from her husband in Sudan, found out that Mohammed was still married.His own wife was living in Sudan and he was trying to bring her into the UK, jurors heard.


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