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Dating the enemy avi

They don’t want to alarm their people or cause a panic. Let everyone know the threat and what they can do to stop it. We need to put some things in place, then we can worship the Lord securely.

Oh the horrible danger that people might stay home! The Lord has not revealed these things to cause fear, but to help us prepare.

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She then saw him volunteering to help with the children’s ministry.Later, she saw him being handed a package from another Muslim man who was operating outside the church.See her post, Islamic Plot to Murder America’s Christian Children Revealed.No image files from our site may be shared because we don’t own them.For permission to use our content in other formats, please contact us.Once they have collected the data, Islamic leaders can launch a coordinated attack on churches across America at a moment’s notice.Possible trigger events could be a Muslim holy day or the start of a new war in the Middle East.Here are ten practical steps churches can take to defeat this enemy and protect our people. Full text of Z3 News articles may be shared online in exchange for a clickable link to our site.Please include the author name and do not make any changes to text or titles.The spies use deception to build personal relationships with those they seek to kill.Muslims are normally forbidden from entering churches and from having relationships with Jews or Christians.


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