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When I first started doing these, I recorded all my podcasts on Tuesday or Wednesday, with the release happening Thursday.

But that became too much of a hassle because someone canceling last minute, or having to rely on nothing going wrong became too nerve wracking for me.

So now I record it the second I know they’re available just so I know I have it.

Which gives me a better peace of mind, but yeah, it potentially sacrifices not being able to talk about more recent news.

“I was overweight …I look at the pictures and think, ‘How did Tana stay around?

’ Because Tana has got better-looking and more gorgeous.

One thing about recording podcasts early is that news can break in the “Bachelor” world and it doesn’t get discussed. Part 2 of the Josiah podcast today unfortunately has that happen.

The James Bond actress took to Instagram on Wednesday, February 21, to debut an image from the stunning shoot. “When did being thin become more important than being healthy?

” the 23-year-old actress began in a lengthy post on Monday, February 19, via Instagram.

Athletes such as Peyton Manning, Lindsey Vonn and Bethany Hamilton are examples of competitors who have made remarkable returns to their respective sports after devastating injuries.

From football stars to Olympians, scroll through to relive some of the most memorable comeback stories. Robert Pattinson showed off his ripped body while doing a shirtless workout on a beach in Antigua on Sunday, February 4.


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