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Dating dietitian

He went back to his doctor who again said, “Go vegan! ” After that, he switched to a different diet style body weight, ended up with normalized lipids and generally felt pretty good.I’m not maligning vegan diets; it’s the diet-as-prescription mentality that can be the problem. Too often, because of this food-prescription mentality, many of my patients think they can get good nutrition from a powdered supplement, and then develop all sorts of disordered eating habits to compensate for the actual food they are missing out on. But studies often show that in order to actually get enough of the medicinal properties of these foods, you usually have to have large quantities of it – more than you’d probably want to eat of anything in a day.

Again, getting a varied diet will help you to get some of everything you need.

That was my existence then – taking my medicine in the present in the hope of a longer future.

I wasn’t happy then, so I was living as much in the future as possible. Eating medicine is not as fun as eating food, and turning food into medicine is downright depressing.

Many diseases have a genetic component, and eating a certain way does not guarantee that you will not get a disease.

However, if someone is a competent eater, getting a variety of food reliably and enjoying their diet, this is the best disease prevention there is, since, as I linked to above, competent eaters have shown to be generally nutritionally (and socially and psychologically) healthier than non-competent eaters.


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