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One day, she handed Higgins a key to a hotel room and told him to meet her there.

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Higgins later testified that Andrew would show up at the store in low-cut tops and short skirts and that they would flirt with each other.She had a job that she liked and had formed some solid friendships.Their marriage became strained when Rob informed her that he had accepted a job with an Oklahoma City ad agency.On December 23, 1990, the Andrews had their first child Tricity, and Brenda became a stay-at-home mom, leaving her job and work pals behind.Four years later, their second child Parker was born, but by then Rob and Brenda's marriage was in trouble.Brenda Andrew is currently on death row in Oklahoma for the shooting death of her husband, Robert Andrew.Prosecutors believe that Andrew and her lover plotted and killed her husband in order to collect on his life insurance policy.By 1994, Brenda Andrew seemed to have gone through a transformation.The once conservative and shy woman had stopped wearing her shirts buttoned all the way to the top in exchange for a more provocative look that was usually too tight, too short and too revealing.After graduating from high school, Brenda attended college in Winfield, Kansas, but left a year later and moved to OSU in Stillwater so that she and Rob could be closer to one another. They lived in Oklahoma City until Rob accepted a position in Texas and the couple relocated.After a few years, Rob was anxious to return to Oklahoma, but Brenda was happy with their life in Texas.


  1. A former death row inmate in Delaware has been acquitted of all charges after being retried for a drug-related killing. Isaiah McCoy, 29, who waived his.

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