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One example is Christians living together prior to marriage; it seems that has become much more common these days.I think David Carter did an excellent job in describing the church's responsiblity to confront these types of issues.I see alot of Christians openly date, even in church -while going through a divorce. Is the church responsible to hold accountable these actions if they know, especially if someone is serving at church or on staff?Jesse If by "date" you mean going out with friends, with no intention of getting serious, maybe there is no issue, other than avoiding the appearance of evil.David Carter A blood stained cross, an empty tomb For by His love He met my doom.And now I stand in His good place Amazed by grace, in His embrace...."Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures..." (1 Co.) It is affirming to hear that others do read Scripture the same way.

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Sadly, I believe that in our current American culture, it has become all too common for professing Christians to disregard what the Bible teaches about many issues and live in outright disobedience.( In my situation, the marriage was very abusive, and resulted in immoral, deviant behaviors and an unrepentant spouse.It would have been dangerous to myself and children to remain in the circumstances.Secret sin can be well hidden from many, even leadership.There are too many current stories circulating in the past year to confirm this truth.Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and discussion on this topic. I've had opportunities to date, and have said no because I, too believe that dating through divorce is a Biblically a 'no'.David Carter, thank you for taking the time to thoroughly respond to the questions. There could be several rabbit trails within my post, such as the reasons one is divorcing as- is that, in and of itself, Biblical.Is it Biblical to date before you are legally divorced? Divorce must be final or it is the same as adultry in God's eyes.Do you think this is correct or are people free to date during the divorce process?I firmly believe I have Biblical grounds to divorce, and don't feel the need to talk through my decision to divorce, as I am at peace with it and sought Godly counsel- but am open to respond to questions.It wasn't an easy decision, especially considering some of the misguided 'spiritual' counsel I received.


  1. The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault strives to prevent sexual violence and reduce the harm it causes through education, research and advocacy.

  2. Dating while Going through a Divorce - posted in C&MA DNA Is it Biblical to date before you are legally divorced? My understanding of Scripture says 'no'. Divorce must be final or it is the same as adultry in God's eyes. Do you think this is correct or are people free to date during the divorce process?

  3. Aug 8, 2017. A “highly classified” press release published by WikiLeaks, reveals the level of rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  4. In the aftermath of the War of the Triple Alliance, Paraguay had lost around half of its population with four women for every one man. To any reader, this would be a steep demographic discrepancy. After the war, an image of Paraguay as a país de las mujeres "The Women's Country" or "Country of Women".

  5. Teen Dating Violence. Types. Physical Most overt; Mental/Emotional/Verbal Subtle remarks to yelling and name calling. Hard to discern because no physical marks; Done under guise of love or concern, not anger; Used to control behavior through humiliation and degradation. Sexual. Forced sex; Coercion and use of.

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