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After being approved for joining, she had heard of Curzon's deteriorating health and requested that she receive the Dax symbiont after Curzon's death.Later, during her zhian'tara, she learned that Curzon's reasons for rejecting her original application were personal, since he had actually fallen in love with her.Though she was ultimately cleared of the charges, Jadzia had been willing to accept a guilty verdict in order to protect the honor of Curzon and Enina Tandro .(") In 2370, the Dax symbiont was removed from Jadzia and kidnapped by an unjoined Trill, Verad, who believed he had been cheated of being joined.Jadzia, however, was determined not to be the same kind of docent that Curzon had been and made every effort to convince Arjin of this.(") Jadzia kept an oath made by Curzon with his Klingon brothers.He was briefly joined with the Dax symbiont, becoming Verad Dax before he was apprehended and Dax was rejoined with Jadzia.

(") After working hard, Jadzia was initially rejected for joining and eliminated from the program by her field docent Curzon Dax in 2364.

She described herself as going as a "different woman" into the program and "tore through it with a passion".

The experience of her initial rejection would haunt her for years to come and was one reason why she never had positive feelings about returning to Trill.

She spent much of her early life focusing on achieving her goals and would become the only member of her family to be joined.

(") Prior to her joining, Jadzia attended Starfleet Academy and applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission for joining after graduation.


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