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The COD Inorganics reference pattern database (which can be downloaded below) can be used with Match! Please note, however, that the full COD reference database (containing more than 387,000 entries) can only be used with Match!version 3 64-bit versions, because the central database file has become so large ( 2 GB) that it can no longer be accessed with earlier as well as 32-bit versions.Depending of your installation you may need to install the libraries of Open Motif version 2.3.Do that only in case one of the GUIs doesn't work and you see a message of the form: "lib 3" not available or something similar.

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This is important in order to make sure that your license file is retained. version 3.4.x (or earlier) and you are encountering any difficulties when installing or running the new version, please follow these instructions: First of all, please copy your license file "yourlicense.lic" from your current/old Match! C:\Program Files (x86)\Match3") to a safe place (e.g. Note that in any case you need administrator privileges to install the software!

These data come from the COD ("Crystallography Open Database").

There are three different COD reference database packages available: The complete COD reference pattern database containing all appropriate entries from the COD, another package containing only COD reference patterns for inorganic compounds (without C-H-bonds), and finally a tiny small reference database that contains only reference patterns for Cement phases.

The most recent full COD version that is still compatible with Match!

version 1 has been released on January 4, 2016, and can be downloaded from here.


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