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Cons dating interracial pro

While many say, "That's just societ evolving," I say that it is what leads to many unhappy marriages and relationships.

When you have two people that grew up in much different households and family structures, that can cause major problems within their own family unit.

My opponent claims that due to us all being human there is nothing wrong with interracial relationships and marriage.As far as I can see the arguments and claims made by the contender have no factual proof either. I am not looking at her previous posts and we'll see what happens.She is a credible opponent to me until proven otherwise within this debate with me.Unfortunately my opponent seems to have disappeared.While I recognize that I have not presented major arguments to the points that I made, I would ask that everyone votes for me due to the fact that I at least proposed arguments that were a little more substantial than beautiful children that have a chance for success, and then disappear. I was hoping that my opponent would actually put up a fight then I could actually have a challenge.I will disprove this claim through fact and science.My argument will be upon the basis that there are numerous adverse effects resultant from interracial relationships that can hinder the functioning of a family and thus negatively affect the two involved as well as the society as a whole. Well I hardly see any bad effects with interracial marriage's and relationships because if two people of opposite race decide to have a child together it could turn out to be very beautiful and could get anywhere in life as if he/she was any one race person.As I say there is nothing wrong with interracial marriage's or relationships because everyone is human no matter what the color of the skin,eyes,hair and of the shape: Fat,skinny or whatever else someone can be so fall in love with who ever you want and not worry about what others think because it is your feelings not their's At the risk of coming off as completely racist and being shunned by many, I will accept this debate solely for the challenge.I want to initially assure everyone that I am NOT racist, regardlessof how my arguments may sound in this debate.I do understand that it is ludicrous and completely crazy, it is also crazy for me to even accept a debate on this position that I have. I do understand all the points you've made in your questions, but understand that this is not a debate with you, and I am doing this debate as a challenge to see if I could win something crazy like this.I am only debating a few single points and only debating vs my opponent. Do you know of any of the fascinating cultures and nations that significantly "mixed"? This is both ludicrous and hilarious all at the time same time!


  1. DATING AND RELATIONSHIP WITH BLACKS what would be. What are the pro's & cons to interracial dating. What are the pros and cons of interracial dating?

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