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Community friendship dating social network

Most of the time many people forget that meeting people is often a task that is not looked upon as a way to ask for help, even while travelling.Making a network of people who is willing to be friends and helping others can be very rewarding, because you can find more people like yourself with the same or similar views.Singles may find the dating relationship desired while interacting with married couples.Married coupes also have an advantage of interacting with singles and may provide valuable informations to singles about the married lifestyle.WEEKEND SPOUSE is something that people over look in the terms of dating, because it has not been said before in the world in this fashion.Some people like to travel and would like to find a friend to travel with or meet someone at their destination.Sometimes we go places and don't know anyone in the area we plan to travel.Wouldn't it be nice to make friends and have people be there to help show you around or help someone in their travels.

When you travel it is nice to know someone in the destination you're going, this is where WEEKEND SPOUSE ® randomly contributes to members expenses of meeting in person.

Online friends can't hug you when a crisis hits, visit you when you're sick, or celebrate a happy occasion with you.

Our most important and powerful connections happen when we’re face-to-face.

Other companies may state they are number 1, however WEEKEND SPOUSE ® feels that our clients are number1 and we would like to provide benifits for our clients.

Over the years it has appeared that companies have forgotten who makes the heart of a business.


  1. Our 8,312 members are looking for friendship, not love. It also keeps you safe by preventing scammers and spammers from joining our community. I am

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