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I have to ask something about You're Next, since you're in it with Joe Swanberg and Amy Seimetz who have directed you in several movies ...

was there some inside joke about the film being about the indie people trying to defend themselves from the crazy world? I would have to ask Adam and Simon, but yeah, at that dinner table scene Joe and Ty very much make fun of this.

* * *Your performance in the film is fantastic and I kept thinking it reminded me of someone.

Then I realized that you're a huge Isabelle Adjani and Isabelle Huppert fan and it made sense!

Yeah, I mean, when I read the script I trusted both characters implicitly and understood where their deceitful or obsessive behavior came from and that was why I wanted to do it so badly, because I could relate to both of these very flawed characters and when something like that comes your way, you have this attachment to it.

I thought, I can see myself doing similar things, so I can protect this character, I think certainly there is this anonymity with online dating and people need to be careful, but I never thought that Virginia had to lie, I don't think she's lying to protect herself from a real danger, but protecting herself from the danger of being exposed or falling in love with someone and getting hurt in that way. Virginia is setting out to create the perfect version of herself and so that's a part of why she begins lying, because her relationship with a man who is loving and genuine is not something that she was looking for, I think she was more interested in this free sexual exploration and then she falls in love in a sort of traditional way.

The only problem is he's in New York and she's in Berlin, which means their romantic exchanges are limited to cyber sex and conversations over Skype.

He looks at her longingly and she tells him she'll be back in NYC at some point in the near future, and then one day he sees someone who looks just like her on the train ...

Part The Conversation, part Blow-Up and part Her, Zachary Wigon's The Heart Machine is a sophisticated romantic thriller that captures the spirit of times with poignancy and tenderness.

You said once that you felt strange saying they were your favorites because you don't speak French, has that feeling changed at all? It's a good question but you'd have to ask the myriad of men who have cast me in these roles [laughs].

Even though obviously there's something beyond language, I feel it sounds a little bit pretentious of me to say I love someone whose language I don't speak. The Heart Machine is basically structured like a noir and it has all these poetic moments, like the very first scene where you read Cody a poem and you're pretty much giving away what the movie will be about. Was he extremely meticulous about things like these?


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  2. Aug 7, 2016. Kintner said he participated in cybersex via Skype a year ago. He said the woman attempted to extort money from him, and he contacted the Nebraska State Patrol to report a crime. Read State Sen. Bill Kintner full statement on cybersex settlement. Later, another senator was contacted online by someone.

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