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“The best way I can describe it,” he says, “is that when I was with her, I felt at home.” Which is why he was so lost that night, crumpled on his couch.

It carried over from lunch at a restaurant to the drive home, Gia Allemand’s voice growing louder.

He figured she was going to try to sleep off her anger. Jamming on flip-flops and a baseball hat, he rushed to the parking garage.

By the time he reached Gia’s apartment complex, he was so worried that, exiting his SUV, he left the door open and the engine running.

While they later traveled the world, exploring China and Mexico, theirs was an almost teenage relationship. At Easter they made each other baskets, Gia including a photo album of the couple in his, Ryan filling hers with candy and coloring books.

Gia’s mom, Donna Micheletti, says she had never seen her daughter so happy in a relationship.


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