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Chatwab cam 2013

My […] Decorative Uplighting Adding decorative uplighting can really enhance almost any event space. You spend a lot of time and money planning your event.We had the pleasure of providing our “Robin’s Egg” colored lighting to Jordanne and Thomas’ wedding reception at the Grove Hotel in May 2017. Your guests are taking valuable time out of their busy lives to celebrate with you. Michelle and John Andrysiak’s wedding on September 3, 2016 at Telaya Wine Co. From the most epic speeches to an insanely fun wedding dance party, this wedding had it all. I am also the owner and lead DJ at Rhodes Entertainment. They’re an amazing couple whom I’ve gotten to know on a personal level throughout the planning process. DJing is my full-time job…well, if […] Katy & Rob had a remarkably fun Boise Depot wedding on September 16, 2017.

Many of our clients are college students at places such as the University of Central Florida or the Seminole Community College who were arrested with small amounts of marijuana in their possession.

” I have a sweet, smart and beautiful 6-year-old daughter. Whenever I witness a Father-Daughter Dance I can’t help but smile and think of the day I’ll be dancing with Finley at her wedding. Check out the information below to see why these wireless microphones can help create some of the best memories for your guests… Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony and can’t hear a word ANYONE is saying, especially the bride?!

Or maybe you’ve been to a […] I’m a wedding DJ in Boise, Idaho. Making sure I get a 5-star review from every event I perform at is my ultimate goal. Because that kind of review means I EXCEEDED my client’s expectations, which means their event was a SUCCESS. Here’s the […] One of my favorite parts of a wedding reception (if not THE favorite part) is the wedding dance party.

This is for people who are already fans of the series.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer below and see if it piques your interest.


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