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Chat with a hot teacher

I've had sex with another teacher in my classroom, numerous times during our prep, but back to my point. I've always hated French, I'm terrible with learning languages. He was a very relaxed teacher, probably everyone's favorite. we flirted a lot including a lot of sexual innuendo...

who I hated and she hated Me we worked in a same place and hated each other's guts but one day she came into work sexy with her sexy pink lips and I cane horny and wanted to **** her and she gave me a sexy look so I told her to come into my office so we can talk business plans... He was 45 and i had crushed on him for two years and i had fantasized about him more times than i can remember.He never made me do the vocal assignments and would give me extra credit if I helped him grade the multiple choice exams. for play class , so i stayed back inclassroom and along with me there are two girls left in theclassroom , then came my teacher in transparent light bluesaree and light blue blouse and her white bra is visible fromthe tranparent blouse , she came and sat beside me tochitchat and... Unlike all the story's about teachers having sex with students we actually made sure we didn't get caught. No meeting up at specific days and times all the time and not exchanging texts and pics. Back in high school I had a crush on my English teacher my senior year. I knew he was interested and could feel when he looked at me, he wasn't even my teacher he just used the classroom for the period before mine.I flirted with him a lot but he never flirted back. But we always made eye contact and he smiled at me a lot.Or even better, they're flattered because you remember their lectures. Brookshire and another world history teacher who is also a coach . the 1st day I saw Mr Brookshire my whole body like felt on bc fire!!! and he does the little side smile thing that drives my body crazy. My junior year of college i had a beautiful and sexy journalism teacher that was about in her mid 30's. Her best feature was definitely her amazing boobs I remember just staring at them during class and not being able to look away... I would always get a ***** when I she was next to me.I think one time she saw the buldge in my pants and blushed.but that was many years ago as I left school in 1977. I am an in no way good looking and I rate myself a 2 out of 10 in terms of looks...She was our biology teacher - really good looking, great figure, long hair, short skirts and long boots. I was just about do my graph comm exam back October and she bent over to get a chair from under the desk and I was staring down to top at her sexy **** I really wanted to go up to her and ask I could feel her ****. In our school we had a rest room where there was a king sized bed and everything between us happened there. It was in the library he proposed me and i accepted his proposal. I already passed with an A, actually if they gave A I would have finished with an A lol.I went up to him and started flirting but he didnt seem... My History teacher was a 31-year old blonde, extremely fit with a big *** and boobs and curvaceous body and wears eyeglasses and tight clothing. Walker was noticed by mostly everyone in the school.He didn't come out and say it, but I still got the message. and sleep in the daytime and today i got a dream which upset me very muchi m standing beside road because a huge campaign going onthe road , suddenly three woman stood beside me and afterone hour , noticed that i m not in the place i should be,i m in the house of a very... I remember looking at him all the way through high school. because I had maths last and I aso had extra lesson afterwards. She, I'll call her Miss L, had cute **** and the most magnificent **** you're ever likely to see, it was the perfect shape and it was thick. continue the story , i first started to bring her to my mood , to this i went to back of her and started to have my breath on her neck , then she closed her eyes and feeling my warm breath on her neck I was a freshman in college when I first had a true sexual ambition towards a guy. How much i day dreamed about him and imagined him in bed.


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