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Transition is tough for their tender hearts and minds; pray the Lord protects them, and that we are wise in how we raise them in these certainly uncertain times.May God draw you closer to Himself as you seek to love Him with all of your heart, soul and strength.I know for a fact that some of you gave cheerfully of what you did not have, and I pray that God richly blesses your generosity.


Let love cover all things; do not let the pride, envy, grudge-holding spirit of the enemy dwell in your midst.Having spent the past 2 years in your home, our hearts have been tied to yours in ways both expected and surprising.Random moments of joy and tears have filled our hearts since we left you, with the overwhelming sense of how much you have meant to us, and how much we will miss you.Dear Pauma Valley Church Family, It is 10 past midnight. I am content, listening to some music I have wanted to catch up on, having just finished reading for a little over an hour a book that has been calling me for far too long.In the midst of our turmoils and strife, we are able to see God’s grace in ways we may not have otherwise seen in the glorious bright lights of a perfect and steady life.We will be in Harrisburg, PA candidating for a youth pastor position at Living Water Community Church (Please pray for wisdom and discernment on all sides as we seek what is best for His Kingdom, and whether or not this fits His desires.As I have poured into the students and families at PVCC, God has blessed us richly with a huge extended family who we would not have been connected with had this whole experience not taken place.If any of you believe that our 2 years in Pauma were “a wasteland experience” or anything similar, let me take the privileged opportunity to say: you are dead wrong.If all goes well we may have a job as early as April 10; Shannon is due May 25.As is staggeringly obvious, the timing of this could not be better.


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