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Cancer star sign dating

They love anything old, like museums, antiques and your grandmother.They are fairly secretive and hide things – food in their drawers and cupboards for instance.They may still be your lover, but guess what, your relationship is, for all intents and purposes, dead because it has stopped growing at least as far as the Cancer partner is concerned, These are key fundamentals of the typical Cancer personality that you need to understand when looking at dating tips intended for Cancer women.With this in mind, here are four dating tips for Cancer women. This might be counter intuitive, but if you’re a Cancer woman, you have to remember that it’s always okay to be defensive.

Cancers look for security on the one hand and adventure and novelty on the other.

By being defensive, it means that you are putting up a wall.

By being defensive, you’re trying to protect yourself emotionally.

The reason I say its okay is because this piece of advice prevents you from putting on a bigger act.

The whole point of dating really is that it is a striptease.


  1. Dates, element, star sign stones, ruling planet, personality traits and horoscopes for the sign of the crab, Cancer.

  2. Dating a Cancer can feel like navigating a mine. Dating A Cancer. Cancer zodiac sign are very domestic and very in touch with their. Star Signs Compatibility.

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