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Charlene is such a bright, intelligent and capable woman who lights up a room and Patrick is a caring, compassionate guy who has a sense of fun which is appealing to Charlene.'What this couple has to be mindful of moving forward, is that their relationship doesn't become competitive.'Charlene doesn't like to lose and pushes her man to be more Alpha and keep up with her.

'Ultimately, men like to be challenged but don't respond well in the long-term to being continually competed with.

Be mindful of making sure there is a place in which your man feels he brings equal value and is needed in your world.''I love that these guys tried but really from the first moment they met, it was evident there was nothing there, even though the idea it could work was attractive,' Louanne said.

'They just didn't bring out the best in each other - nor the worst for that matter.

'If she could tap into his mind more about business rather than see it as the enemy, she'd get way more from him.

It's all about communicating each other's values and understanding how to work a relationship so both parties get their values served.''There is no easy path to love and this couple is a testament to that,' Louanne said.'Ignoring the media hype, drama and other contestants judgements, Tracey and Dean have experienced a real life relationship issue which happens to many couples and those who have been in similar situations will have a strong opinion on the matter and outcome.

'Dean and Tracey have reached a different level within their relationship because of the events. Ashley,' Louanne said.'Yes we know, Troy and men in general can be annoying, they do s**t we don't do, they are kind of clueless to what we need but you don't need to keep reminding him of how inadequate he is.'No person should have to modify themselves to the extent Ashley requires of Troy.It doesn't seem like a problem now, but over time whenever we are looking up at someone, we are putting ourselves below them.'Telv will risk undermining his needs if he continues to place Sarah on this pedestal and it will cause resentment later down the track in their relationship.However, overall, what a beautiful start to what could be a lasting relationship!'The conversations are all about business, him, him or him!Being in a relationship with a successful man takes a certain type of woman and no, she doesn't have to be a doormat,' she said.'Carly could get so much more out of Justin by understanding his values and communicating her needs around his.Justin is his own worst enemy and a complete repeat offender,' Louanne said.'His admission of how his marriage failed due to his physical and emotional absence rears its ugly head once again.'Louanne said that from what we have seen, Justin is 'completely fixated on his desire for success and self-importance'.However, as time progresses, the pedestal Telv has Sarah on will start to cause resentment.'He clearly adores Sarah and she him, but he looks up to her, always attentive, always looking out for her best interests.Over the past few weeks, Australians have watched the Married At First Sight couples endure explosive arguments, awkward dinner parties and romantic getaways.And while many see the relationships as nothing but entertaining television, FEMAIL's relationship expert and millionaire matchmaker, Louanne Ward, says there are lessons all couples can learn from each of the TV pairings.


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