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Business plan for speed dating

From there the couple can contact each other to arrange another meeting or date.

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With the right tools, the right team combined with your amazing self– the possibilities are endless.To this end, most Web sites for speed-dating services have a page dedicated to becoming an event organizer.In the next section, we'll look at how speed dating can be customized by interests.The number of dates held in an evening can vary, but most services hold 10 or less.Speed Dating, the original company organized by Yaacov Deyo, holds seven, seven-minute dates in one event.Companies like Speed Dating and other, similar companies, including Hurry Date and 8 Minute Dating, can hold different speed-dating events scheduled at the same time in different cities by franchising their services.Events are put on by local organizers on behalf of the company.In less than an hour, each person has seven chances to meet the love of his or her life.After the event, the speed daters turn in their date cards to event organizers.Either way, they can become very popular and regular events.There are many companies that offer speed-dating services and just about as many different techniques.


  1. Host Speed Dating events to make money, entertain friends, or even start a new business. Be sure to order the speed dating kit to help get started.

  2. Organizing a Speed Dating event can be very simple when you order The Original Speed Dating Kit. The Kit allows individuals and venue owners to plan and host speed.

  3. How to Open a Dating Service Business. Come up with a list of services you plan. assist clients with selecting body-appropriate wardrobes or host speed dating.

  4. There are many companies that offer speed-dating services and just about as many different techniques. But while some details may change from service to service, the.

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