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Body dating language love is dane cook dating someone

Scratching and rubbing their nose is common in liars, but don't accuse all nose-rubbers of being liars!

If you believe someone is lying, change the subject quickly and watch their reactions.

Their sentences are longer when talking about the untrue incident but don't provide any facts to support their lie.

In many cases, we lie to protect a person's feelings, such as "You look so much thinner since you cut down to only five hamburgers a week." We also lie periodically to avoid doing something we don't want to do, such as: "I can't go shopping with you because I have to wait for a phone call." We also lie to increase our importance, such as "I could have won the award, but I didn't try so the little girl could win." One researcher, Joseph Tecce at Boston College, has identified six types of lies: Women often lie to make others feel good.

In the first two pictures in the top row, the script words she is speaking are very close to how she really feels about the male actor in real life.

During the first rehearsal (top row images) the two actors were truly in love in real life off-stage.

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An example is when a woman says to a female friend who shows interest in her boyfriend: "My boyfriend is impotent, snores and really is a slob, so I just go with him to help him." (Jump to top next paragraph . .) The liar tends to shut down and tries to maintain control of the situation and in so doing becomes quieter and stops normal body movements until you have accepted the lie.First watch and listen to their speech patterns as they describe the events related to the untrue incident. The slowed responses are because the person has to determine what words are safe to say.Pay attention to how they talk to you using a different pattern of words. This takes a noticeably longer time for answering questions with lies.The actress is saying the same words in the top and bottom rows.The actress is playing a character who is describing how much she loves a male character in the play.This is suppost to remove them out of the lie, they hope.They will mostly talk about other people and their activities but not their own.They want to distance themselves from the untrue tale they want you to believe. They hope you will accept as true everything related to whatever incident they are telling you.Part of liars' strategy is to use lots of "fluff" words that offer little detail but seem to add something to their tale.Since the tension is high in liars, they need some self-comforting.They stroke their hair and touch their face more frequently and harder than usual.


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