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Bg list and dating

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Her hair was dark blond and was drawn into two pigtails and coiled around the top of her head. Because she was found with several sticks on top of her body, it may be possible that she had been pinned down in the bog to keep her remains from surfacing.

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The arrows are presumed to have been shot from a close distance and from above. The young man was around 20 years old at the time he died.

The Tollund Man has been noted for the excellent preservation of his facial features.

The corpse was found in early May 1950 when a family had been harvesting peat from a bog, near the town of Silkeborg.

His fingers had been so perfectly preserved in the bog that researchers were able to take his fingerprints, as with Old Croghan Man For some time, The Haraldskær Woman was thought to have been the Norwegian Queen Gunnhild, until carbon-14 dating proved she was much older.

Studies show she was around 50 years old and in good health when she died. Huldremose Woman is the name of the bog body of an Iron Age woman discovered in 1879 near Ramten, Jutland.


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