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Android digital clock widget not updating Pussy hanceville

[/ac-toggle] [ac-toggle title=”How do I change themes after I’ve picked a widget size?”] After you’ve selected a widget size, tap on the theme name in the top right corner of the configure screen and to reveal the drop down menu. [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”I already have a widget on my home screen but I want to change to a new theme/size/type. ”] You’ll need to add a new widget each time you want to use a new theme, widget size or type.[/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”I’m seeing an error message when I try to install.”] That’s a Play Store bug.Clear your browser cache and you should be good to go. Try this fix that was posted on the XDA developers forum Double check your Play Store account credentials.The app is designed to be backwards compatible but won’t work as well if you’re using a weaker device, small screen, and/or old OS. [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Is HD Widgets compatible with my favorite launcher?recommended: Dual-core 1.2 GHz Android OS 4.0 (ICS) & up hdpi/xhdpi/tablet screen [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Does HD Widgets work on tablets? ”] We’ve successfully tested HD Widgets on most native device launchers.”] On many devices, lock screen widgets are disabled by default.How to add lock screen widgets will differ slightly depending on your device: Security and check the box for “Enable Widgets”.

”] HD Widgets 4 was designed for modern Android devices running ICS & later.Third-party launchers are currently catching up to Android 4.0 & ICS/JB.Some are ready while others are outdated, incomplete, or simply not available for all devices: Phones: – ready: Apex, Nova, SPB Shell, Holo, ADW Launcher/EX – outdated: Go Launcher, Regina, Balancer Tablets: – ready: Apex, Nova, Holo – outdated: Go Launcher, SPB Shell, ADW Launcher/EX – not available: Regina, Balancer [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Why do you need so many permissions?[/ac-toggle] [ac-toggle title=”The widget stopped updating completely.The clock & weather stopped.”] This is usually caused by apps that force ours to close in some way such as a task killer, memory manager, or power saver.They tend to kill long-time running apps like HD Widgets so we can’t update the display anymore.Set these apps to ignore HD Widgets and that usually fixes it.[/ac-toggle] [ac-toggle title=”When I check battery usage, HD Widgets seems to be using a lot: anywhere from 3% to 12%! If you’re using HD Widgets and are not using your device for anything else, then our app will seem to use a noticeable percentage of your battery (i.e. If you tap HD Widgets in the list, it will open the Use Details screen and you’ll be able to review CPU total and Keep awake durations to determine if HD Widgets has a lot of activity or not.[/ac-toggle] [ac-toggle title=”I can only see the Glass Gems style widgets in my Widget menu. ”] New themes are installed automatically and available for you to use in the app as soon as you’ve downloaded them from the Play Store.However, you won’t see the new theme style widgets in your Widget menu.”] HD Widgets has a ton of utility switches and personalization features which require a lot of permissions.The permission warnings are there to let you know when developers are using features on your device.


  1. Digital clock widget is a home screen digital time and date widget for Android. It looks just like the one on the iPhone unlock screen. Features - Lots of customizations - Changes take effect in real-time - Select millions of colours for the time and date with a RGB color picker - Select different backgrounds - Show/Hide AM-PM

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