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Amanda michalka dating

He gave her the opportunity and she nailed the role. I wanted to stay focused on the guitar and piano and really play in the film. We’d have to shoot twelve scenes where I’m essentially leading a lot of those scenes and it was difficult as an actor but something that I really looked at as a challenge and grew from it. And I’d never really been the lead of a feature film before.”“So I knew that I would be able to go in prepared if I really set my sight on God.” She prayed, “Lord, help me stay focused when I’d doing these scenes”, realizing the movie could be a vessel for people to learn about Him. I really feel like my relationship with Him drove a lot of the story.She would be the lead actor and said, “My challenge was just to stay focused. I feel like He gave me so much focus when I was on set and the ability to develop the character.” AJ also gave credit to her mother, “an incredible woman of God” who would support her on the set. Like nine out of ten are just so, so excited about the film and love it.I’m just so blessed to be a part of such a cool film (Angels in Stardust).They made me one of the producers on the movie just because I creatively had a big hand in some decisions.” AJ added she and her sister are also concentrating on their music and they plan to release a record early in 2014.On her first general audition she was cast in a national commercial.She has worked ever since, appearing on TV and now in the movies in films like Super 8 and Secretariat.

A few days later the happy couple snuggled up for another intimate snap, this time while staying in Big Sur, a few days after getting engaged.She and Aly begged their parents for the opportunity to perform in the industry.Her parents prayed about it for a long while and even talked to their pastor at the time.star Aly Michalka is engaged to her boyfriend of just over a year and a half, Stephen Ringer.PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings of 2014 The 25-year-old actress announced her happy news via Instagram in the early hours of Wednesday, July 16, with a snap of her stunning ring and the caption, "So this happened…..7/8." PHOTOS: Best celebrity engagement rings The pretty actress initially posted a picture of herself casually wearing her new piece of bling while posing with her younger sister AJ at a recent event.“God just has really cool things lined up” she said.“Sometimes things move slow and sometimes they move quick.“We got to build ourselves as adult artists, transitioning in a really graceful way” said AJ, “which I think is really important, instead of rushing into adulthood.Everything we write has God at the center or inside of it.” AJ: “It’s so exciting.“We would sell fake little tickets and they would come see us perform!” AJ said her parents were concerned about the industry, and AJ and Aly had been brought up in a strong Christian home.


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