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Dr Celeste de Jager, the main developer of the Cognitive Function Test, said the fact that only a small proportion of Alzheimer’s cases is caused by genes means the disease should be preventable in many cases.She added that there is little point in people under 50 doing the test.The trick is to identify any decline in memory function as early as possible and take the necessary prevention steps.’The Cognitive Function Test, which can be found at has three sections which use computer-based tasks and games to test different components of memory.Those who are believed to be at risk of Alzheimer’s are advised to have a blood test and given a letter to take to their GP.It goes in depth about financial stresses, quizzing users on their nerves over their future pensions, current savings and mortgages.While personal worries including relationships, friendships and their ability to sustain a work life balance are also monitored.On a survey of 2,000 people, it also found that money is one of the biggest causes of worry for the average British adult.

It measures mild cognitive impairment – or the slight memory lapses that can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s – which affects one in six aged 70-plus, or 1.5million Britons.

The tablet, which costs as little as 10p a day and is made up of three vitamin B supplements, was described as the ‘first glimmer of hope’ in the battle to find a drug that slows or stops the development of the devastating disease.

The study showed the vitamin cocktail to be most effective when taken early.

An early warning test for Alzheimer’s that can be taken online in 15 minutes has been developed by British scientists.

It can spot signs of the debilitating brain disease in people as young as 50.


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