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My naked heart climbed out that window and declared its love right back!

By then, this inferno had burned for a decade, and I was committed for life.

Some would have been turned off by your apparent identity issues, but this Scorpio loves a good puzzle. You married another woman – though I could hardly expect anyone to resist the allure of Gina Torres – and devoted your time to the one sport that was the bane of my public-school-dictated physical education.

You went psycho, murdering children, humans, robots, and innocent Dolls, and even worse – you went blonde.

It was a difficult time for me, this search for your identity, and when I watched you get killed off not once (projectile through the chest), not twice (shot while on horseback), but three AND four times (as an alien lizard) I began to seriously question the viability of our spark.

But I came to love and accept you for your many realities – even naked (and still blonde) shouting drug-fueled exultations from a rooftop.

However, he’s very happy with the response he’s gotten to the crowd-sourcing record-breaker set in the world of sci-fi conventions, which he produced with Nathan Fillion. [laughs] That was actually something I was really impressed by, watching the first few episodes. Especially when his best friend is Jack Moore [Nathan Fillion’s character] who has his own clothing line. Playing that opposite each other, was that a fun element of the show? The second block of episodes will be released this week.

READ MORE: How a Web Series Went From Indiegogo to the Biggest Panel at Comic-Con Tudyk and Fillion were launched into the convention circuit after starring in the Joss Whedon cult favorite “Firefly” in 2002, and have accumulated a crazy assortment of stories in the years since. It’s one thing to do a love letter to fandom, but at the same time, I really admire the fact that you were willing to be honest about having, potentially, an ambivalent relationship to the thing. TUDYK: Yeah, and they’re complaints I’ve heard some actors make. FILLION: Alan and I, we met working together, but we remained friends for a long time. FILLION: Yeah, it was just something hard to get to. I want to talk a little bit about the strategy that you’re using in releasing the show; a new block of episodes every week for the next month. The first one is four, next week is three-minute episodes, and each release tells one story, so you can just go back to back with each one and get to the end. You can finish up that story and then wait until the next week.

TUDYK: But the tricky thing for Wray is, he goes to these conventions, he feels like a rock star, and he then goes home to a one-bedroom apartment and he can’t get any jobs.

Despite a recent increase in well-meaning suggestions that I try online dating, I am still not interested. My friends DO have a point: the internet is a powerful tool. This is my version of dating online: Dear Alan Tudyk, I am done waiting; let’s do this.

After more than a decade writing comedy in Los Angeles, I have a practical Ph D in enduring bullshit with patience and grace.

Sometimes, the universe needs a boot to the head, so the time has come to give Fate a swift kick in the rear.

(This is not a mixed metaphor, as the world clearly has its head up its ass these days.) Thus, I send up this flare; it is yours to smother or let illuminate.


  1. Jack Moore Nathan Fillion meets with his agents to find his movie career is on the rocks. Wray Alan Tudyk isn't sure how to tell Jack he's dating Faith Alison.

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