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An anonymous commerce student noted the advantages and disadvantages of part-time study in a 1946 article.‘Because he dissipates his energy for eight hours a day in an office, [the part-time student] invariably approaches his study with a weary mind, which is not conducive to the clearest thought and greatest absorption’.Before he had even received his certificate, Wilkinson had signed on with the Field Artillery and headed to Gallipoli; he later became an accountant in Christchurch and presided over the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce. The first woman enrolled in the commerce faculty in 1914 and by 1917 the female roll had reached 13.The dean, George Reid, reported that ‘during the latter part of the war period, exceptional opportunities opened up for women in the more advanced branches of commercial work’, with a ‘large number of women seeking to qualify themselves by attendance at the classes in commerce’.

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It offered a five-year subsidy to each of the university colleges; when supplemented with a matching subsidy from the government plus student fees this enabled the cash-strapped University of Otago to take on the new venture of teaching specialist commerce subjects in addition to its existing economics programme.By 1970, two-thirds of commerce students were full-time, a dramatic change from the 8% of 1960, and in the same period degree completions in commerce jumped from 8 to 76.The roll also grew dramatically, like that of the university as a whole; there were 238 commerce students in 1960, but 580 in 1970 (together with an additional 92 external students, mostly in Invercargill).Though the early teachers were lauded for their professional knowledge, dedication and teaching skills, they were not, of course, without flaws.One accounting lecturer resigned suddenly in the middle of 1947 after he was accused of embezzling bank funds, hardly the desired behaviour of a man educating the next generation of accountants.But numbers remained low, and by the time the next world war broke out there were just 9 women studying alongside 118 men.Classes were held outside business hours to suit both students and lecturers, who were practising accountants and lawyers.In 1904, in response to advocacy from business leaders who wanted ‘keener, better educated, more live young men’ in the business world, the University of New Zealand approved a new degree, the Bachelor of Commerce.It was closely modelled on similar degrees recently introduced in England’s northern universities.The University of Otago has been teaching commerce subjects for over a century, but for the first 50 years it was a part-time enterprise.While lectures in economics date back to the 1870s, other commerce disciplines started in the 20 century.


  1. The University of Otago has been teaching commerce subjects for over a century, but for the first 50 years it was a part-time enterprise. While lectures in economics.

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