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We have provided a list of all 655 area agencies on aging in the United States . The decade from 1960 to 1970 was a period of social unrest and change.We lived through an unpopular war which resulted in student protests and mass demonstrations.In fact it's probably just a matter of semantics; long-term care and community aging services are just two sides of the same coin.Other communityservices may provide socialization or training opportunities.Experts or contact people are housed in senior centers and can provide many services in the center itself or refer out to other organizations that can help.The community served meals or congregate meals in senior centers are a means for attracting older people into the centers.The OAA provides benefits to all Americans over the age of 60.And employment benefits are available for all Americans over the age of 55.

The National Aging Network The Benefits Dilemma "An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure" Administration on Aging State Units on Aging List of State Aging Units (All programs can be reached from this list) Managing Elder Rights Programs Area Agencies on Aging How Services Are Provided Senior Citizen Centers Meal Programs Targeting and Outreach Programs Services Available Broward County Area Agency on Aging Example The Impact of Olmsted The National ADRC Initiative Oregon's Community-Based Care (Example of Where Aging Services Are Headed) New York State Single Point Resource (Example of All Aging Services) There are many private, religious and government organizations across the country that provide supportive services for older people.The act was designed to protect elderly Americans, including Indians, from unfair discrimination in the workforce as well as providing protection and services to help older people stay independent and remain in their homes.Although the initial emphasis was directed more towards civil rights and recognition of the dignity of the elderly, over the years, new provisions of the Older Americans Act have become more focused on providing long-term care services for older Americans.Seniors can then be exposed to the many services that are available.Government support for aging services comes from the Older Americans Act, passed in 1965.Community aging programs might include: Private support groups might be the Red Cross, women's auxiliaries or foundations.Many religious communities support activities for their elderly members as well as nonmembers.These benefits are designed to help frail, memory-impaired, disabled, poor and socially needy elderly remain in their homes and avoid the cost of elder care institutions.And more recently, funds were provided under the act to support caregivers of the elderly and elderly grandparents babysitting or raising minor children at home.Hippies, it seems, were everywhere and we were experiencing the so-called sexual revolution.It was a exciting time when civil rights were being extended to all Americans.


  1. A few states have put adult protective services under their social service, health or human service or children and family services departments.

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