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Accommodating workplace injuries

The employer informed the CSST that it could not offer Caron another suitable or available position at its establishment.

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(Source: Compensation Cost Trends) This section presents data for the industry on the number of workplace fatalities and the rates of workplace injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers in accommodation and food services.

Caron was assigned a temporary position as team leader on the night shift.

In March 2007, the CSST began a rehabilitation process to assess Caron’s continued employment with the Miriam Centre, despite his functional limitations confirmed by the Bureau d’évaluation médicale.

While most data are obtained from employer or establishment surveys, information on industry unemployment comes from a national survey of households.

The following tables present an overview of the industry including the number of jobs, the unemployment rate of those previously employed in the industry, job openings and labor turnover, union membership and representation, data for occupations common to the industry, and projections of occupational employment change.


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