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A consolidating

Perhaps more remarkable, we have retained our independence in an industry increasingly dominated by luxury conglomerates.

The difference, I think, derives from our organizational culture.

Although we have often had to change our plans, the way we manage the company has remained constant.

Its CEO says that has a lot to do with the company’s culture.On the other hand, in settling private Acts, such as those relating to railway and canal enterprise, the legislature always inserted certain clauses founded on reasons of public policy applicable to the business in question.To avoid the necessity of constantly re-enacting the same principles in private Acts, their common clauses were embodied in separate statutes, and their provisions are ordered to be incorporated in any private Act of the description mentioned therein.Such are the Lands Clauses Acts, the Companies Clauses Acts and the Railways Clauses Acts.Consolidation bills are introduced in the House of Lords which, by convention, has primacy in these matters.At Prada we have had to cope with our fair share of the unpredictable and the unexpected.Originally we […] " A few decades ago, Prada believed that its future depended on gaining market share through acquisitions in Western Europe and the United States.Consolidating statute is a statute that collects the legislative provisions on a particular topic and embodies them in a single statute, often with minor amendments and drafting improvements.The courts generally presume that a consolidating statute leaves prior caselaw intact.To consolidate (Latin consolidare, from con-, together, and solidus, firm) is to press compactly together, put on a firm basis, and especially bring together into one strong whole.The practice of legislating for small portions of a subject only at a time, which is characteristic of the English parliament, produces as a necessary consequence great confusion in the statute law.


  1. Consolidation may refer to Contents. hide. 1 In science and technology; 2 In economics; 3 Other uses; 4 See also. In science and technologyedit. Memory consolidation, the process in the brain by which recent memories are crystallised into long-term memory; Pulmonary consolidation, a clinical term for solidification into.

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