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In the emerging area of teen dating violence research, it is important that the definitions and concepts that researchers and practitioners use to define teen dating violence also resonate with young people.

Concept mapping can help researchers understand how much overlap exists between how adults and young people think of different facets of teen dating relationships, including dating abuse, by producing visual representations of how each group organizes its ideas and opinions on the subject.​ NIJ, along with its partners in the Federal Interagency Workgroup on Teen Dating Violence, funded the development of concept maps on adolescent relationship abuse.

How do we work to treat one other with love in the midst of differences and conflict?

Christians often strive to do what they believe is the right thing, but they do so in the wrong way.

We must remember that a righteous cause doesn’t give us an excuse to treat one another poorly.

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our sources say the flirting is more about promoting the movie.

Participating agencies have collaborated on several joint efforts, including cohosting the December 2007 workshop and sponsoring the Concept Mapping Project.

Bin ihnen zu stark, zu selbstbewusst, nicht feminin genug.

Ich bin eine Spanierin, wie sie im Buche steht: rassig, leidenschaftlich und voller Sinnlichkeit, mit langen schwarzen Haaren, schlankem Body und leicht gebräuntem Teint.

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