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106 performance counter updating error

After checking the Exchange server object is present in Active Directory, installation will proceed as normal, with the exception of running setup in recovery mode.For example: Feedback Feedback is welcomed through the comments.There are comments in the script where to add your own additional post-configuration steps.For example, assume we want to start a fully unattended install of an Exchange Server 2013 Client Access server, using a network location for the Exchange Server 2013 source files.When done, the system will perform post configuration and finalization steps.When running in Auto Pilot mode, the system will automatically perform reboots and logons between the steps.Since Organization Name wasn’t specified, Active Directory preparation will be skipped.After rebooting, the system will automatically log on using the credentials specified earlier and start the script (Run Once registry key is utilized for this purpose).

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Note that when not present, the script will try to download the prerequisites from the internet.

Note that it may seem like a lot of reboots, but rebooting after installing Windows features and Exchange prerequisites is required anyway so I put reboots after the other milestones as well.

Customization If you want to perform post-setup configuration of Exchange running Exchange cmdlets from the script, you need to tailor it to your needs.

It will read the last known state from the XML file and will continue with the next phase, which is downloading (when not present) and installing the Exchange prerequisites.

Next, after rebooting and the automatic logon, Exchange will be installed from the source location.


  1. May 23, 2013. All of them have many “MSExchange Common” 106 errors in the Application Log indicating that Performance Counters could not be updated Performance counter updating error. Counter name is LDAP Queries Issued by Expanded Groups. category name is Expanded Groups Cache. Optional code 3.

  2. Problem. Performance Counter güncelleme işleminde hata alıyorsa, hata kodu 106 çıktısını alırsınız. Hata içeriği. Log Name Application Source MSExchange Common Date 11/29/2016 PM Event ID 106 Task Category General Level Warning Keywords Classic User N/A Computer.

  3. Jun 15, 2012. Performance counter updating error. Counter name is *, category name is MSExchange Search Indices. Optional code 3. Exception The exception thrown is System. InvalidOperationException Custom counters file view is out of memory. In an effort to troubleshoot this, I've taken the steps suggested here.

  4. Feb 7, 2017. If you run into such an issue and you modified FileMappingSize, keep this in mind, when you try to solved EventID 106 like described in this KB https//support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2870416/-performance-counter-updating-error-after-you-install-an-exchange-server-2013-cumulative-update. I know that.

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